Together, We're Advocating For A Better Community

South Charlotte Partners advocates, educates and celebrates our region’s strong quality of life.

About South Charlotte Partners

South Charlotte Partners is a 501(c)(4) organization that works to advance the area’s efforts to ensure a high quality of life.

South Charlotte Partners’ mission is to advocate, educate and celebrate the quality of life in the South Charlotte region. As a unified, informed, proactive voice, we engage and collaborate with community partners regarding activities impacting the region’s current and future residents and businesses.

The organization serves as an ambassador to promote and maintain the area’s high quality of life. We’re committed to helping the region flourish amid strong and balanced growth and continuing to be a premier destination to live, work and play. South Charlotte Partners’ volunteer board connects with other businesses, nonprofits and stakeholders to share information, engage with the community, and provide event programming on timely topics. As a leading community voice, South Charlotte Partners focuses on several priorities to address local needs.  

Our Priorities

South Charlotte Partners will focus on these priorities while advocating for the South Charlotte Area

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Community Safety


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